Band Boosters

Welcome!  Riverside High School Band Boosters is a dedicated group of parent volunteers who help support the entire Riverside Band Program, which includes...

The Band Boosters provides support in a variety of ways, such as fundraising and volunteering, while also promoting goodwill, fellowship, and lots of fun! 

One of the most important things that parents can do to maximize their child's music education and enrichment is to GET INVOLVED WITH BAND BOOSTERS.

Thanks so much for your Support!    
If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Riverside High School Band Boosters, you can donate now with a credit card or check.  Please click the DONATE button to go to our Donation Form.

Our overall mission is to help our Riverside Band Director provide students with as many opportunities as possible for music education and performance competition.  We are incredibly proud to support Riverside's Band Program, as it develops life-enriching skills for our students, such as creativity, diligence, teamwork, resilience, responsibility, cultural appreciation, leadership, community service, fellowship and much more.    

Instruments & Repairs

Sheet Music Rights

Competition Fees

Show Props

Trailer Wrap & Transportation

Sound Equipment

Spirit Events

Financial Support...

It takes tens of thousands of  dollars a year to run a top-quality band program for our Riverside students.  ​We do receive some support from LCPS, as well as student extra-curricular fees, but those sources  only provide a fraction of what is required.  Much of the cost is covered and provided by the Band Boosters through fundraising.   

We could not be more grateful for the support from our community!

Fundraisers and donations from family, friends, and businesses are needed for items like... 


It takes many parent volunteers to help our Band Director keep the program running smoothly and offer enriching opportunities for our students.  Plus, we have A LOT of rewarding fun!

Tag Day

Welcome Rams Signs

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Sales

Summer Car Wash

Graduating Rams Signs

Yard Sale



A big part of our role is to lead a variety of fundraisers .  Both parents and  students lend a hand to help raise the funds we need for our students.  Our main fundraisers are...